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  • 【POSTCARDS】Until next time, homeland 。SYD > MEL > SYD > PEK ✈️
  • 【RAIN ROOM】My kind of weather small-talk 🌧
  • 【TURF】Mass 菜包 vegetable bao pre-game with Mama Zhang The Keeper of The Greatest Bao Recipe On Earth [除了杭州的《新丰小吃》的菜包 don’t worry she knows and agrees 🥬🤤]
  • 【BACKGROUND】Back on Australian soil shooting a short film and a photo essay with A-teams assembled from our @background_cc community. This is my co-founder Si Philby. It’s been a year and a half since establishing BACKGROUND, quietly assembling unlikely teams to execute projects across a myriad of disciplines and industries and causes around the globe. And @forefront.mp3 - let’s not forget FOREFRONT. Big ups to our partners and collaborators who place their trust in our off-road hustle time and time again.
  • 【WICKED】Three years since the Good Witch of the North 👩🏼‍🦳 Taking nominations for the next hair shade after blue 🎨
  • 【🌼】Bringing Slide 2 energy into Monday 😃😳
  • 【LOOK UP】Hong Kong’s steamy tones and 菜饺 like only Hong Kong can do 🥟🌸🥬🍊🦋
  • 【LISTEN UP】Crossing to Brooklyn to the lucid tones of Jake Brennan’s dramatic readings on DISGRACELAND. [Mama Zhang please do not be alarmed by Slide 3 it’s acupuncture/focus on my wholewheat 包 craftsmanship in Slide 4]
  • 【TOMATO SWIPE】Thrilled to announce that my inbox count is now 66 unread vs last week’s 1477, so if you were wondering where I’ve been, that’s where I’ve been 🍅 [subsequent slides evidence my New York habitation, I guess]
  • 【LAST WEEK TONIGHT →】A speedy Eurostar to Paris for non-fashion things that conveniently coincided with fashion things [slide 9’s iridescence is my new religion 😱]
  • 【BOOKSMART】CHANEL Couture: an éducation in subtlety 📚
  • 【DROP PIN】This week in London gives new meaning to humidity hair which I truly never encountered pre-bleach but this is my life now 🇬🇧 [last slide is my internal dialogue while contemplating an adjacent armpit on the tube]